1914 Club

The History of The 1914 Club

The 1914 Club is the first of its kind in Georgia, but by no mean is it a first for Sigma. It was originally organized in the Southeastern Region to support its communication initiatives, The regional website and newsletter. Brother Corey Stayton, Georgia Director of Collegiate Affairs 2011-2013, along with the Georgia Collegiate Affairs Committee spearheaded the campaign to create a similar initiative but targeted toward specifically supporting the financial needs of Georgia collegiate members. As a component of Bro. Stayton’s strategic plan, The 1914 Club was officially approved by the Georgia Executive Board at the December 2011 board meeting.

The 1914 Club communicates dedication and unwavering commitment to our brotherhood, more specifically to our collegian brothers. By becoming a member, you signal to all that you have financially contributed to collegian brothers and their successes. It is an investment in our greatest assets—our future, our brothers. The 1914 Club members have a sense of pride and accomplishment knowing that they are instrumental in Sigma brothers furthering their education.

Become a Member of The 1914 Club today!

Want to join The 1914 Club? Just answer yes to the following questions?
  1. Are you fully financial on all levels?
  2. Do you live in Georgia or attend a college or university in Georgia?

That is all it takes!

The 1914 Club seeks to accomplish the following goals:
  1. Provide financial assistance to brothers in their continued pursuit of a balanced and multi-faceted undergraduate education;
  2. Recognize and reward brothers who have achieved excellence and balance in their academic and social pursuits; and,
  3. Encourage members of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. in the state of Georgia to pursue the highest levels of intellectual ability, fraternity participation, and community/campus service in the course of their undergraduate experience.